Wedding planners and wedding photographers from around the world are having a great time designing the perfect wedding!

They are sharing their experiences with each other and with the public in an effort to get wedding planners and photographers excited about the process and to share their tips.Here’s what they’re saying about their favorite tips.If you have questions about what to wear or the logistics of a wedding, this is the thread to […]

Which wedding vendors are you most likely to use for your wedding?

The bride and groom have the best choice of wedding vendors in the U.S.A. The best vendor for a bridal wedding is usually one that specializes in a particular type of wedding, such as bridal or bridal/groom parties, weddings with big crowds, or wedding ceremonies.A vendor specializing in a specific style of wedding usually charges […]

Which city is the most diverse?

The city of New York is home to some of the world’s most diverse populations, but the city is not always the most racially diverse.Here’s a look at some of New Jersey’s most vibrant cities and how they rank when it comes to diversity.New Jersey has a lot of history with diversity, and many cities […]

When your wedding photographer will help you get the best possible wedding picture

I’ve had a lot of wedding photography friends over the years.I’ve worked with the likes of Matt Smith and Sam B. Jones, who both are well-known photographers who have been with the industry for years.And I’ve got some friends who are working with other photographers who are in similar positions.And some people I’ve known for […]

Which wedding vendor is the best? – WDW Resort & Spa

DUNN, Fla.— Dunn has a new way to showcase its wedding vendors: It’s making them its own.The company, owned by Walt Disney Co., is developing a new website called Wedding Vendors, which it hopes will be used to connect the company’s wedding vendors with consumers who have ordered online and will be able to use […]

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