Dunn’s wedding vendor to be taken over by online service company

Dunn’s Wedding Design is expected to be spun off as an online service provider, according to a news release.The news follows a deal that was signed last week with Amazon.com, a company Dunn’s bridal department already operates.The deal, which is expected for the first quarter of 2019, includes the hiring of a head of wedding […]

Newport Beach’s Wedding Vendors Are Gonna Pay You $1,000 To Get Married

Newport Beach, California, February 3, 2017–With the bridal industry in flux and the traditional, non-traditional, non–douchey, non‐dying bride in the forefront of the industry, a lot of couples are searching for a way to connect their weddings to their dreams.While there are plenty of wedding vendors that cater to those looking for a simple, affordable, […]

What you need to know about Crypto-Currency ETFs

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines about the Crypto-currency ETFs and crypto-currency startups.These investments have grown quickly, and the potential for a huge return is huge.And, for some, there’s even the potential to profit off of it.But there’s also the risk of a big bust.The question is, which ETFs are the best?Investing in crypto-currencies […]

How to get married this year: Get married in 2017

In the United States, many couples plan their wedding this year using online services like OkCupid and Match.com, where the vast majority of marriages are expected to end in divorce.But in Israel, many weddings are done on the ground, by the thousands.There are no official wedding planning sites.The wedding process in Israel is often conducted […]

GOP candidate vows to ban ‘sexist’ vendors and vendors with ‘anti-women’ agendas

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday signed a pledge to ban vendors from selling “sexist, racist, or other discriminatory” products.Trump said in a statement that the policy is designed to protect consumers and businesses.“We will not tolerate any vendor who has a negative or discriminatory agenda, whether it be on race, religion, gender, disability, […]

How to tell if a woman is pregnant

How to determine if a pregnant woman is fertile or not is one of the most commonly asked questions, yet it is one that is often misunderstood.Here is the short answer: the answer is complicated.While the answer to the question “How to tell whether a pregnant person is fertile” is pretty simple, what you really […]

How to plan a day-of-weddings with a planner

Planning a day’s wedding in Newport, Rhode Island can be a bit tricky.If you’re not familiar with planning for a day of planning, it can be confusing.Here’s a quick guide to what to look for in a day planning event: When you arrive, pick a location where you’ll meet other people and make plans to […]

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