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A little rain is not going to slow down this bride!
Great Rehearsal/Dinner Spot in Newport Area
Dealing with Divorced Parents for the Processional
12 Ways Guests Can Ruin a Wedding
To Gatsby or To Not....


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A little rain is not going to slow down this bride!

Katey and Skip were scheduled to tie the knot at 5pm.  All day the weather had been iffy.  Rain in the morning followed by sun, followed more dark stormy clouds. The bride's Mom was worried, and bought clear bubble umbrellas "just in case".
A friend had brought clear ponchos that were ordered for a church function and were left in storage.  Clever wedding guests grabbed the ponchos and created a barrier between themselves and the wet white folding chairs.

Great Rehearsal/Dinner Spot in Newport Area

Last night, my husband Jeff and I hosted a fantastic 40th anniversary party for my wonderful inlaws at the Valley Inn of Portsmouth, just a few miles from busy Newport. We did family style platters of the most tender beef tenderoin you've ever had and spicy Mozambique shrimp. Great place for a rehearsal dinner. We had a semi private room for 22 people, and the staff was fantastic.
Joe, the owner, was great to work with, kept me on budget ( or the budget my husband was keeping us to), and everyone had a great time.

Dealing with Divorced Parents for the Processional

As I head into the last two weeks before a clients Newport, RI wedding I am now putting together a processional plan.  My client has a small number of attendants- three maids, three groomsmen- but we have three sets of parents due to a divorce and remarriage. The ceremony will be at the King Park Gazebo, in Newport, RI which has a semi-circular aisle and offers a few optons for processing and recessing.
In case you have a similar situation with divorced parents in your wedding party, here is a brief snapshot of the processional:

12 Ways Guests Can Ruin a Wedding

Twelve Ways Guests can Ruin a Wedding:
Loved this article- great advice for wedding guests and Best Man speeches. From bringing a date when you weren't supposed to, to drinking way too much and taking over the dance floor.

To Gatsby or To Not....

Dear Brides and Fellow Wedding Professionals:
I am rather surprised to find that there is a surge in 1920's inspired  wedding gowns due to a simple movie release of "The Great Gatsby". Perhaps it's because I was forced to read that piece of literature in the sixth grade and found it terribly boring.  Or perhaps because I am not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.
What I can tell you ladies, is to be cautionary. I'm going to make some enemies here, but I need to be honest.

The top 5 Bridal Gown Trends for 2013

Just read this great article on the Top 5 Trends in Bridal Gowns for 2013.  Think Lace, big poufy ballgowns and high necklines ( Thank You, Kate Middleton). Read on for more 2013 predictions!

2013 Wedding Trend Predictions

Hi There!
Just ran across this article on Bridal Tweet,http://www.bridaltweet.com/page/2013-wedding-trends.  Wedding vendors weigh in to make predictions on what brides will be incorporating into their 2013 weddings. 
Love the lace, and the cake ruffles!  Also, out of the box weddings will be big.  Here in Newport, everyone wants the Newport Mansion experience, BUT there are some great non-traditional locations in the area to have a wedding. The article mentions art galleries, wineries, and private homes, all of which we have here in Newport, RI.

Engagement ring trends for 2013

HI there,
I was just reading this article on engagement ring trends:
Who knew that flower motif's were big this year?   Check it out!

Thanks for your comments

Thanks to my Australian and English wedding colleagues for their comments in the middle of the night. It's great to wake up to them!
Working on a new article, the Top Ten Wedding Venues in the Newport RI area.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I recently created a Facebook page, Be sure to check out-
Hope everyone is having a great Turkey Day!
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