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A Bride's Interview with Jocelyn Dunn
1. What sets you apart from other planners?   Customer Service; I have spent over 15 years in customer service and sales.  I am problem solver by nature, and I believe a happy client tells her friends.  When I work with a couple, their wedding is my number one priority.  
2.  Isn't hiring a wedding planner expensive?   I'm not sure I really need one, so why spend the money?   On average I have save my clients 15% of their budget by offering solutions that meet their dreams while satisfying their pocketbooks. The peace of mind in working with somebody who has done this before and is available to support you through the whole process is well worth the investment. I look for potential issues, such as gaps in service or logistical issues that a bride may never have anticipated. As for pricing, I have a variety of packages to accomodate different budgets.  3.People will think there is something wrong with me that I can't plan my own wedding...  I used to think this way too!  You are probably trying to juggle your job and planning your wedding. Hiring a wedding planner means you are not in this alone AND you have someone in your corner with industry experience. Here's what I can tell you from experience at my own wedding: because my name was all over the contact forms, the caterer came to me,  the bride, to make the call when to end dinner, cut the cake, and start the reception. I was caught off guard, because I thought surely someone else could make these decisions. Why should I be pulled away from my own wedding? Had I hired a planner myself, this would not have happened. 
4. Who do you work best with? Fun couples who want a wedding that will represent their personalities and backgrounds. 
5. Who will not benefit from my services? Couples who plan to have family and friends do tasks in lieu of hiring professionals.  
6. Will I lose control of my wedding if you are planning it? Absolutely not. You are in control of your wedding. I may make suggestions or give advice, but you are driving this wedding with your ideas and vision.
7.Will you work with the vendors I have already chosen or know
I want to hire?
Absolutely! One of things I always tell brides is that hiring a planner allows for a point person who can talk to everybody. Your vendors may be great individually, but they may never have worked with each OTHER before. You don't want them breaking the ice on your wedding day.
8.This sounds great, what is the next step? Please send an email to so we can send you more information, and to set up a complimentary meeting. 
9. We have more questions- can we discuss further? YES. I absolutely want you to be 100% comfortable, so I schedule complimentary sessions so I can answer all of your questions and see if we are a good fit for one another.   
Tenacious. Committed. Confident.
These are words past brides have used to decribe me.  I'll also add that I'm fun, have a sense of humor, able to navigate the occasional difference of opinion between mothers/daughters and brides/grooms and suggest compromises, and above all else, keep the wedding on or below budget.
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