What a wedding dress! Source ABC News

NEWPORT, S.C. — “It was the kind of day you’d imagine when your grandparents are on vacation.”

That was the thinking of an employee of Dunn Wedding Design in Newport, South Carolina, when she walked into her business Friday and spotted a dress for a friend’s bridal party.

The bride was a tall, blue-eyed, blond-haired brunette.

The bridegroom, an old man with an old white beard and a deep, dark complexion, was a slim, dark-haired, tan-skinned man.

“It’s just a perfect mix,” said Tiffany Dunn, who oversees the store, which opened in 2011.

“The colors, the shapes, everything just blends in.

You feel comfortable and beautiful.”

Dunn has had a couple of wedding dresses in the past.

In 2011, her bridesmaids wore a white dress by Marc Jacobs.

The wedding party wore a light blue gown by Alexander Wang.

And in 2014, Dunn was one of the first designers to wear a floral wedding dress by designer Hedi Slimane at a wedding in Paris.

“I always think about the wedding dress, what it’s going to be like,” Dunn said.

“I’m always thinking about the bride.”

Dinner is at 10 p.m. for the wedding and the reception is at 12 p.o.m., Dunn said, with the bride in a dark-green gown, her hair tied back, her husband in a white-and-black-tie-draped white dress, and the groom in a pale green and gold dress.

Dresses are not included in the price.

The store, a few miles from downtown Newport, has about 3,000 customers, including a small, local restaurant that serves local seafood and an auto repair shop that sells Honda and other cars.

The store also sells designer bridal dresses, jewelry, and home decor.

It is known for its quality bridal and wedding gowns.

The new bride is a white rose, with floral prints on the front and back.

The groom’s dress has black and white stripes on the shoulders and a white lace pattern on the neck.

Both brides wear the same wedding dress in different colors.

“It’s the most romantic dress you can possibly wear,” Dunn, a senior associate at the local university, said.

Dunn said that the store has seen a lot of demand in the last few years.

A couple of years ago, they started getting calls from people asking for the dresses they were looking for.

“A lot of people wanted a color match,” Dunn recalled.

“There’s just not enough brides in town for them to buy the wedding gown.”

Dun said that they also get requests from people who want to have a little fun while they are planning their wedding.

“We have the whole party dress,” Dunn explained.

“A lot people want to take a few photos and then come back and say, ‘I had the wedding, so I wanted to take the picture.'”

The store also has a few other dresses in stock, including floral brides with a floral motif and a wedding gown with a white stripe.

The dresses are sold at a discount.

The staff has a couple new designs in the works.

“We’re working on a wedding day dress that’s going into a new color and a dress that will go into a different color,” Dunn added.

“Then we have a dress we have just finished for our bride and her friends.

They’re all looking for something different.

It’s really exciting to see.”

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