What to do when your wedding dress is too long

Wedding dress makers are taking notice of what some brides and grooms are wearing in their dresses and are taking measures to make sure that they don’t end up with a long dress.

The Australian Wedding Dress Association (AWDRA) says there are now guidelines on how long the dress should be and when it is suitable for the occasion.

The AWDRA says if you have a dress in the sizes 16-20 that should fit the bride and groom and you have an existing dress in sizes 16 or 19, then you can skip the sizing and start with a 16-19 dress.

If the dress is in the 16-17 or 16-18 sizes then it is fine to start from there.

Advertisement Advertisement It is also recommended that if the bride is planning a first date, that you take the dress to a dress shop for fitting and alteration.

The dress is then placed on a table and the dresser should give you a number and ask if it is available.

If it is, then the dress will then be put on for a fitting and then sent off for alteration.

“We are seeing a lot of people who are getting their dress in an oversized size or having it altered in the wrong way, which is really worrying,” AWDra CEO Sue Macquarie said.

“This is not a problem for anyone who has already chosen the dress, or who has a bride in the future, or for someone with a wedding dress they have not already bought.”

If you have got a dress that is in an overly large size, you can wear a smaller dress and then the next time you get married it should fit better.

“The way people dress now is changing so quickly that if you are not thinking about the size of your dress at the time, then it’s really hard to know what is appropriate.”

Macquary said the AWDSA wanted to give everyone an option when it came to choosing the size and fit of their wedding dress.

“It is not just about sizing, it’s about choosing the best dress for your wedding and if you want to take a more formal dress to the ceremony, or you want your bridesmaids to wear a wedding gown, that should be something that you can look at,” she said.

The ASWMA says it encourages people to go online to find out the appropriate dress sizes and styles.

“If someone wants to do something different, that’s fine.

If you don’t want to wear something, then please do not,” she says.

The ASWDA says it is not unusual for brides to have the dress in different sizes, but that it was more common to have dresses in different styles for the event.

It is recommended that you go online and find out what the appropriate size is for your size.

“You should ask your dressmaker for a size guide, and they should know exactly what you want,” Macqueria said.

If you do have a large size or want to go with something a little bigger, you should check with the dressmaker to find a dress you like.

It is also advised to make the wedding dress for someone else, such as a friend, family member or relative.

Macquaria says it was a mistake for people to have an oversized wedding dress and that the AWDA is working with the Royal Australian and Malaysian College of Grooms to help make it safer for everyone.

AWDWA has created a website to help people make their own wedding dress, and it is offering advice on how to dress a larger size.

For more information on the AWBWA, go to www.awdra.org.au.

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