Celebrate the 2017 Dunn Wedding!

The wedding is a day-long celebration that celebrates the many blessings and blessings we have been blessed with throughout our lives.

As we celebrate this special day, we also know the celebration has its ups and downs, as our love for our loved ones grows stronger and stronger.

The day began with a welcome from the bride, Anna Dunn.

She spoke to the bride as they sat down to take vows.

The bride told Anna that she loves her, and Anna said, I love you too.

The two spoke for over an hour before Anna left the room.

The bride then told the bridesmaids that the bride was very pleased and that they were very blessed. 

As the bride and groom entered the chapel, the bride’s parents, Michael Dunn and Jill Dunn, greeted them. 

The bride then thanked the bridegroom for coming, and he then led the bride into the room, where they had their ceremony.

The ceremony was quick and smooth, and the couple spoke for hours. 

After the ceremony, the two stood side by side to celebrate, smiling and laughing. 

Then the bride took a few moments to look over the newlyweds wedding photos and make sure everyone had a great time. 

She then walked the bride back to her room and kissed her forehead. 

Once the bride got back to the room to get ready for her wedding night, the couple went to the beach to celebrate.

The couple walked into the beach house, and Jill went to her boyfriend to make sure he had his coat ready for the ceremony. 

Before they could go, the father came over to say hello to Jill. 

Jill said, Father, it’s me.

I’m the dad. 

Joan and the bride then walked down to the wedding party, where Joan, Jill and their friends were waiting. 

When they arrived at the party, Joan was the one to introduce the groom. 

He told the couple that he and Jill had decided to get married on January 20. 

They smiled and shook hands, and they then left.

The groom then led them back to his room, and after getting dressed, the groom said he was glad to be a part of their wedding. 

There was then a few kisses from the couple. 

Everyone was then invited to a toast with the bride to celebrate their special day.

The toast was then given to the couple by their friends and family.

The toast was followed by a cake and then a couple of candles to toast the day. 

Congratulations to the Dunn and Dunn wedding, and thank you for being part of our family. 

 Photos by Jessica Mancuso and Mark Zagoria for ESPN Clic Info.

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