A new plan for Day-of-coordination: Plan for a ‘Day of Tomorrow’

The Verge’s Brian Murphy has a few words of wisdom for anyone trying to plan for the day after the election: Don’t plan on doing a lot of things.

Murphy, co-founder and chief technology officer of the non-profit organization Day-Up, has been working on the idea of a “Day of Coordination” to plan the next steps of the day and the day afterwards.

Day-Planning is a new idea that he’s been working to implement since late last year, and he recently unveiled a new plan.

The Day- of- Coordination plan calls for “a day-long event to mark the end of the presidential election” to “celebrate the day the country went to the polls and to give Americans a chance to reflect on the choices they’ve made.”

Murphy told me he and his team decided to work on a Day-The-Day plan to coincide with the election to “create a time and place where everyone could reflect on what their decisions mean for their lives, their communities, and our country.”

The plan was inspired by an event organized in June to honor the life of the late Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists who had been murdered by police.

Murphy explained to me that he decided to create a Day of Coordinating event “in response to what we saw as a pattern of violent police brutality.”

The idea behind Day-the-Day is to give people a chance for reflection, a chance, in fact, to think about what they did that day and what it means for the next day.

It’s the day before the inauguration and “people are getting to know each other in a more personal way,” he said.

Murphy said he wanted to create the Day of Planning to “give people a space where they could reflect, a space to ask questions, a time to reflect.”

The day after Trump’s inauguration, Murphy said, people started to share information and photos of their Day- the-Day events online, with some sharing the event in real-time on social media.

But Murphy said people were still hesitant to share such events, and that “there’s a fear of the backlash that people have had with people talking about this, and then I think people get too caught up in the day-to-day things, and so it’s not a very productive way of having a dialogue.”

“The Day of the Election is one of those times that we need to be thoughtful about what our actions say about the country and about our values,” he continued.

“People should have the right to have that conversation with one another and to ask what they think about their vote.”

To get started, the Day- The-Day event is planned for the end “of the presidential campaign, at a time of peace, when everyone’s got a chance of a peaceful transition,” he explained.

The Day of The Election is scheduled for June 11 and is open to anyone who is at home, at work, or who is traveling, but Murphy said the goal is for “everyone to come and participate.” “

If people are not feeling comfortable coming to the event, we’ll be open to people in the community who feel comfortable coming and asking questions.”

The Day of The Election is scheduled for June 11 and is open to anyone who is at home, at work, or who is traveling, but Murphy said the goal is for “everyone to come and participate.”

He added that “everyone’s a part of the Day.

The key thing is to listen to people.

If people are uncomfortable, it’s okay to be uncomfortable.

But if you feel uncomfortable, you have the opportunity to ask your questions.”

He also said that if a group feels that they are not comfortable with the Day, they can “go ahead and have the Day” without a group, but if that doesn’t work, “that’s their decision.”

If you want to participate, Murphy says, you can send an email to the [email protected]

He encourages participants to send as many questions as possible to a representative of the event and says he’s also working on a plan for a “day of reflection” that will allow the public to “talk about their Day of Remembrance.”

“When people come to a day of the remembrance, they feel like there’s a sense of loss and they don’t feel like they’re participating in a meaningful conversation,” Murphy said.

“I think we have to have a way of recognizing the important and the painful, and allowing people to participate in that.”

Murphy said that the Day will be “a place for everyone to say what they have to say, to feel empowered and to have the time to think and reflect and to do it in a safe environment.”

The event will take place in several locations across the United States, but people will be allowed to come to as many locations as they want.

Murphy also told me that people will have the ability to “take selfies with the day, or just be there in their own space

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