Why Newport RI was planning for an event of epic proportions – without a wedding planner

The weather is looking great for this day.

The sun is shining.

The water is warm.

The sky is clear.

Newport, Rhode Island was planning to have a wedding ceremony for a very special man and woman.

But that’s not what happened.

On Friday, June 25, the Newport, R.I., Town Board approved a resolution to create an event for an amazing person, event which would be “a special day for everyone” and which would “remain in perpetuity.”

The resolution states that the event “may be called a ‘Wedding Celebration,’ but the event shall be called only a ‘Day of Coordination,'” which, as the resolution explains, is the same name given to the Newport International Bridge.

According to the resolution, the event will not be a wedding reception, and “it shall be held at an appropriately designated location and time.”

The event will be held on the same day as the Newport Mayor’s event, which is expected to be a day-long celebration.

Mayor Greg Cox said he plans to hold a reception, a parade, and an event at the Newport Bridge.

The mayor said he has invited the Newport County Board of Supervisors to consider the resolution.

The Newport Riverfront is already the site of numerous events, including the “Big Orange Ball,” a popular beach volleyball game.

A “Big Beach Party,” a celebration of Newport’s many local businesses, is planned for June 25.

The mayor said the event is not a wedding, but he has no plans to remove the word “weddings” from the event’s name.

“This is not the kind of thing that has to be written on a piece of paper,” he said.

“We are trying to create something special and special for the people of Newport.”

The Newport Mayor said the resolution is not meant to be an endorsement of the Newport Convention Center, a $100 million project that was completed in 2015.

The center is set to open in 2019, and is scheduled to include a large, glass-enclosed amphitheater and a pavilion with views of the harbor.

The resolution notes that “the Newport Convention center is designed for use by a single event that will have a capacity of more than 1,500 guests, and the venue will not have more than 50 seats per person for those who are interested in attending.”

It also states that “The event shall have a minimum capacity of 30 guests, with a maximum capacity of 60 guests.

The maximum capacity shall not exceed 50 guests, nor shall the maximum capacity exceed 100 guests.”

The mayor’s office said the Newport City Council will vote on the resolution on June 27.

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