Why I’m leaving the wedding business

A wedding designer who made more than $1 million selling bridesmaids dresses to corporate clients, is leaving the business to focus on his passion for the art of marriage.

Robert Dunn, an art director, is working on a book about the art and craft of weddings, his company, Dunn & Graham, said Thursday.

The couple will still be together, Dunn said in a statement, and “I’m proud to have built the most amazing, beautiful, and creative wedding I’ve ever been a part of.”

They will still work together, he said, but their partnership will be more intimate and they will be able to take advantage of the unique opportunities afforded to their wedding guests.

The bride’s gown is a work of art, Dunn added.

The couple will continue to collaborate, but this will not be a one-off.

The wedding will be a celebration of their commitment and friendship and will serve as a celebration for the world, he added.

The wedding will also be a chance for the couple to reflect on the love they have for each other and their family, Dunn wrote.

The move is a break from the industry, but it’s a great move for them.

The company was founded by Robert Dunn in 2007.

He has sold more than 5,000 bridal gowns, including more than 1,000 dresses to brands including G.M.S., Gap and Macy’s.

Dunn said he has had to make a choice to focus more on his craft.

The business is still in the early stages of expanding, Dunn told The Washington Post.

It has a team of about 40 designers, but Dunn said they plan to add another 100 designers to the mix.

Dunn said he is looking forward to seeing his clients in the wedding industry again.

He said he hopes to be back in the industry soon.

“It’s been such a rewarding and unique journey for me,” he said.

“I look forward to making it my own again.”

The couple is working to get their wedding completed in time for the wedding of their daughter, who will be the first in her family to wed, Dunn’s company said.

They are expecting their first child by the end of the year.

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