‘We are still in the throes of mourning’: The families of victims of Melbourne nightclub shooting speak to ABC News

Posted November 05, 2019 16:24:16 The families and friends of the victims of the Melbourne nightclub massacre have shared their emotional journey from grief and shock to acceptance and strength.

Key points:The shooting occurred at The Oval on November 5, 2019, at about 11:00pm (AEDT)The victims were shot in the head and neck and were found dead within minutesPolice say the attack was an act of terrorismPolice believe the attack may have been carried out by a man in his early 20sPolice are investigating the possibility that the attack could have been a planned terror attackThe victims’ families have been devastated by the loss of their loved onesThe tragedy was one of the worst in Australia’s history and the loss has been felt across the country.

“The pain, the trauma, the loss, that’s what we’ve all been through,” said one family member of the young man killed.

“You’ve lost your family and friends, you’ve lost everything and we are still fighting and we will fight.”

It’s been a roller coaster ride for all of us, but that’s the way we are, and that’s our story.

“To lose someone like this in the first place, we don’t want to go back to that.”

The family of one of those killed has described their grief as “incredibly profound” and “we are still here in shock”.

“My son was just a normal boy and he had been to school,” said the mother of the man who was killed.”[My son] was always around the club and was doing OK, [he] had a lot of friends and they just never left.”

The families and loved ones of those who were killed in the attack are now mourning the loss as they come to terms with the trauma.

“We’re just going through it all together and we’re still in shock,” said Mr Macdonald’s mother, Jane Macdonald.

“I just want to thank the police and the police are doing their best, and the community is doing their very best to help.”‘

It’s so sad’The attack happened at The Old Melbourne building on the first floor of the venue.

A man in a white hoodie, a dark hoodie and a grey cap was believed to have targeted the nightclub and killed 12 people.

The suspect was later arrested and charged with murder.

Mr Macdonald said he had seen the attacker at the club earlier that night.

“He came into the club around 11:30, he came to my son’s room, and he started shooting at the people in the room and he got up and he went into the next room and went to the next building and shot people,” he said.

“There was blood everywhere, there was dead bodies everywhere.”

Mr Macdonas mother said she and her family were not aware of the suspect’s motive, and had no idea what he was planning.

“People are just devastated, it’s so dark and dark, you just want people to get out of there and leave and just not know anything, and you don’t know anything,” she said.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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