The best and worst of wedding receptions

The bride, the groom and the guests are in the same room, and everyone is feeling good about the big day.

But when you’re the groom, you can’t seem to get enough of a glass of champagne and a big plate of food.

For that, the guests can expect a treat: a cocktail or two.

Here are some of the best and most memorable wedding receptions of the year.


The wedding of the century – April 1, 2019 In 2019, the couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary took their first steps together at their local pub, and it was pretty great.

The atmosphere was warm, the music was catchy and the wedding ceremony was well-received.

However, the reception wasn’t the highlight of the evening: guests were treated to a full dinner that included a cake-making session and a private reception that included champagne and other fine gifts.


The birth of a child – April 5, 2020 This is probably the one wedding that will go down in history as the year the world got married.

It was held in the city of Bologna, Italy, on April 5.

The groom was Mario Fassone, a retired army colonel who was married to the woman he called “My love”, a friend from the army who died in 2016.

Mario had already been married to his girlfriend and had a daughter, Olivia.

He wanted to celebrate the occasion in person and asked his daughter to take care of the ceremony.

Olivia, who had not been to a wedding before, was ecstatic to take on this responsibility.

Olivia loved being the groom’s wife and said it was her first time going to a ceremony without her dad.

She was given a full head of hair and a bouquet of roses and was given the honor of singing the nuptials’ national anthem, “My heart is heavy with the memory of you, my love”.


The marriage of the hour – March 31, 2020 The wedding day for this couple was a success, and there were plenty of happy and happy moments throughout.

The ceremony took place in front of an audience of over 100 guests, including Mario’s wife Olivia, and the couple had the opportunity to dance with their new son and daughter.

After the ceremony, the two of them posed for pictures and gave a toast, while the bride’s friends, including the groom himself, posed for a few photos and videos.


The first kiss – March 29, 2020 With the wedding day in sight, this couple had been planning their wedding for months, but it was the wedding of their lives that truly took them by surprise.

Mario’s parents, both retired, were there to support their son and had arranged the venue, and he said the reception went smoothly.

The couple got married at a restaurant in the town of L’Arbre, and Mario said the atmosphere was amazing, the wedding took place with a great sense of excitement and it had been a lot of fun.


My love’s wedding – March 30, 2020 A friend and I are looking forward to seeing my love’s beautiful wedding day and having a celebratory dinner for the whole family.

I’m sure everyone will be looking forward as well to having a meal together.

For the bride, she had chosen to dress in traditional Italian wedding attire, including a white dress with a red floral pattern and a black jacket, with white socks.

She also had a veil on her head, and was wearing her hair in braids.

For her groom, he wore a white wedding dress, and wore a bright red and white wedding ring.

The bride was joined by her fiancé, who wore a red and gold wedding band, and had his own wedding band as well.


The second kiss – April 2, 2020 Mario and Olivia were having a wonderful time at the reception, and they enjoyed each other’s company as well as being photographed with the other couple.

After dinner, Mario said they wanted to go shopping together for the next item on their shopping list.

Mario was very excited to get his mother’s favorite doll, a pink pink rabbit that Olivia had bought for him as a birthday present.

Mario then went to Olivia’s house, where they spent a few hours exploring the neighbourhood.

The night ended with a party and fireworks.


The honeymoon – March 28, 2020 It was one of the most romantic weddings in history, and we’re so excited to share it with you today.

We’ve decided to call it the honeymoon, after the song that Mario and his fiancee sang at the wedding, and so we have to add “bae” to our name for the sake of consistency.

Mario and he are now planning to move to Italy with Olivia and their two children to have a honeymoon.

The best part is, you won’t have to worry about your marriage when you go on this honeymoon!


The celebration of a lifetime – March 20, 2020 After having a child, Mario

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