How the Dunn wedding dress design was inspired by a ‘very happy’ bride

WASHINGTON — In one of the most memorable moments in modern wedding history, the bride and groom wore a Dunn dress with the slogan, “I am here to be here for you.”

The Dunn gown, designed by designer and bride-to-be Day-Of-Coordination, is part of a new trend for bridesmaids to wear their wedding dresses as a fashion statement, a tradition that has sparked a debate over the dress’s appropriateness.

The dress was inspired at a reception in January for the bride’s cousin and fellow Dunn designer Jill Johnston.

“I really felt a sense of hope and a sense that everything was going to be okay, that the ceremony was going the way we planned it,” Jill Johnston, Jill’s mother, said.

“And then, we found out that it wasn’t.

We were just so upset that we thought that we had been robbed of the celebration.”

When Jill and Day-of-CoCoordinator Melissa Dunn were getting ready to walk off the wedding day in early January, the reception host told them that he would have to move the wedding.

The couple quickly took off their wedding dress and took it to their local Dunn store to get the dress reworked.

“We were going to wear it and not tell anyone, because we had so much love in our hearts for each other and this was the perfect way to celebrate,” Jill said.

The Duddons wore the dress as a casual, fun and stylish wedding dress, but it became a symbol of hope for their cousin Jill and the Duddon family.

Jill said that in retrospect, the dress would be considered a failure because it was so out of place for a reception.

The wedding gown design, designed in collaboration with Jill and her husband, Melissa, is now being used by many brides and grooms across the country as a way to express their love for their family and the community.

“If I have the opportunity to be a part of the fabric of this fabric and do something that I really love, I will,” Jill, an award-winning fashion designer, said, “because I believe in it and believe that it’s going to give my family and my community a lot more hope.”

The Dudsons said that their dress was a reflection of their cousin’s spirit.

“Our wedding was just so perfect, so happy and very happy,” Jill Dunn said.

Jill said that Jill and Melissa didn’t get to choose the color or the style of the dress.

Jill is a colorist and was able to pick the color for her cousin, but the dress was custom made for her.

The design, which includes a floral pattern and the word “HAPPY,” is now a part a tradition in which many bridal parties wear their dress to reception events and events in which they can share their personal story.

“I think it was a very, very happy moment for everyone,” Jill told ABC News.

“It’s like a big, beautiful, happy wedding.

It’s an honor.”

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