How President Obama plans to deal with the nation’s gun violence crisis

The National Rifle Association is urging Obama to immediately call a recess and allow Congress to take action on the country’s gun laws.

“Today, the President is taking action to close the loopholes that allow individuals to buy guns, and he is sending a strong message that he will act swiftly to close this critical gap in our nation’s ability to prevent gun violence,” the NRA said in a statement.

The group’s statement comes on the heels of a call by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for the president to hold a call with the NRA members who are scheduled to attend the second day of the conference.

“Congress needs to act and enact legislation to end the mass shootings that occur every day, and this Congress needs to get to work,” Schiff said in the statement.

“The National Rifle Act of 1934 has protected our Second Amendment rights since 1891, and today is a day to finally do it.”

Schiff also said he would urge members to call the White House to discuss their concerns, as he and other gun rights groups have requested.

“If the president is unable to hold his meeting with NRA members today, I will be calling the White, House and Congress to discuss this and other issues,” Schiff told reporters.

In the wake of the shooting, President Obama sent an email to gun owners saying, “As we’ve said before, our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives in this terrible act of violence.

I’m asking all of you to continue to pray for their families and friends, and I’m hopeful that we will soon find out what the right way forward is.”

While the NRA has long pushed for tighter gun restrictions, the organization has increasingly focused its efforts on pushing gun control laws in states where gun ownership is at historically high levels.

The NRA is also leading a campaign to push for gun control measures at the state level, such as a proposal in Texas that would ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

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