How to make your own ‘The Wedding Dress’ for your upcoming wedding reception

NEWPORT RILLIUS, R.I. — You can buy wedding dresses online for less than $100, but the best part about buying one online is the opportunity to custom-make your own wedding dress.

The only catch is you need to be willing to shell out a lot of cash to get your custom-designed gown made.

That’s why many of the biggest wedding vendors in New England and Connecticut are bringing back their own bridal gowns.

“The wedding industry is really growing right now, so it’s hard to keep up with demand,” said Julie Ault, the New England wedding director for Durex.

“We’ve got to have a big market to sustain our business.”

The online wedding marketplace for bridesmaids, groomsmen and brides is known as New England Brides.

When you go online, you can customize your own dress with photos and even order fabric and accessories for it.

You can even make your wedding dress out of materials like fabric from a dressmaker or tailor, like an embroidered or silk gown, Ault said.

It’s not hard to find a bridal dress in the online marketplace.

“We’re seeing more and more wedding dresses,” she said.

Ault said the online industry has seen an uptick in demand from women looking for a unique wedding dress to make their wedding special.

Ault also said that a majority of brides who were looking for bridal dresses are men.

“I think that women are just starting to buy more wedding gowns because they want to make it special and have a unique look,” she explained.

For Ault and other bridal vendors, getting the right fabric to make the gown is an important factor.

“The wedding dresses that we make, they are the most beautiful dresses, and the best ones are from the finest fabric and they are made to last,” Ault explained.

“You can’t make a better wedding dress than the best.”

For some wedding dresses, Aults advice is simple: Buy the dress that fits your body and style.

If you can’t find a dress that matches your body, you’ll need to purchase a size larger.

“If you are a larger person, you may need to go with a size 6, or a size 8,” she advised.

“It depends on the shape of your body.”

When it comes to finding the perfect dress, you want to look for the shape that best suits your body.

“Some of the dresses we sell, we’ve found that some women can find the perfect shape,” Aults said.

“They are just looking for something that looks nice and simple.”

For other brides, there are other factors that will help you determine what dress to buy.

Dressmakers can make the dress, AULT said, but it’s not as simple as finding a dress maker that can make dresses for you.

“That’s a really difficult thing to do.

You have to find the dressmaker that will make your dress the best that it can be,” she added.

“Finding a dress is really a matter of finding a tailor who will do that for you.”

Another factor that will determine how your dress looks is how long it will take to make.

“Our wedding dress can be custom made in about three to four weeks,” AULT explained.

For brides that are ready to wear, they should expect to receive their gown within two weeks.

“It takes a lot to make a gown,” she continued.

“There are a lot things that you need for it to look perfect, and then you have to take care of everything.

I don’t think you can really do anything until you receive your gown.

It can take a week to a month.”

If you want your custom dress made sooner, you need some extra help.

“Custom orders can take six to eight weeks, but we can make it in two to three weeks,” she noted.

“For the most part, the dress is made on site, so that is usually the quickest option.”

You can also order dresses online through DureX.

If you’re interested in seeing more of what’s going on with New England brides in the wedding industry, visit the Durexx website at

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