Day-of-the-week wedding vendor faces death threats and legal action

A vendor has been sued for “inappropriate conduct” after being accused of promoting “unusual and inappropriate” religious wedding dress during the Day of the Week, a NSW Court has heard. 

The incident took place in the city of Bunbury last year.

Day of the week vendors are paid a “bribe” of $300 to $400 for their services, with a “guaranteed” $400 commission if they get their business “back on track”.

A NSW Court of Appeal ruled last month that the vendor could not be forced to “pay” for the services of other vendors.

The court heard a group of people, including a “sister of a client”, approached a man who was working for a wedding vendor in Bunbury and threatened to kill him.

After the threats were made, the man went to police and complained about the alleged behaviour, according to court documents.

But the court heard he was not told of the threat until the day after, when he had a meeting with a group who told him to be careful about the wedding.

Mr Rochdale, who had previously worked for a day-of the week vendor, said the group told him they would call his employer the next day to demand a $400 fee for their service.

“I didn’t feel I was being ripped off, because I knew the business was worth it,” he said.

In an affidavit for the court, the group said the man was a “good person” and “an amazing businessperson”, and he had received “very little” compensation.

He was told by the group to “be careful” and they would “call him the next morning to demand that you pay a $300 commission”, the court documents said.

Mr Rochdown said he believed that if he had been informed of the charges against him at the time of the incident, he would have complied with the demands.

Instead, he was told he was going to have to pay $400, which he would then have to hand over to the vendor’s employer.

“The business is worth it, the business is a fantastic job,” he told News24.

He said he was “just devastated” about what had happened and believed his actions had been “intended to cause fear and distress”. “

[I’m] just trying to protect myself.”

He said he was “just devastated” about what had happened and believed his actions had been “intended to cause fear and distress”.

The incident has been referred to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

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